Christmas Crafts Fairs

Weihnachtsbaum 2014

In the meanwhile some of you might have noticed……..I’m a sucker for Christmas 🙂

I grew up with a mom and dad who made this a really special time where it was not about presents but everything around it.

Crafting, the smell of cookies and the walk through the woods searching for the perfect tree with a cup of hot cocoa afterwards, decorating it and setting up the Christmas lights…..this all is part of a childhood memory I cherish and up to this day still keep alive and celebrate.

I also love all the natural decorations……so a walk in the wood is like a shopping trip for me and I collect everything I find……..drift wood, cones, bark, leaves, roots… name it….I take it ……….and then used to occupy the little office we had

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So in 2012 when I was in my Christmas frenzy crafting little things we didn’t know where to storage anymore Frank said “there’s a Christmas crafts fair in New Ross.….why don’t you go there any try to sell some of that stuff”…..of course first I was hesitant “what if people don’t like it, what if I don’t sell anything”…..and so on and so on…….but, as with all things in life……just give it a try, what’s the worst thing that can happen, if you don’t try you’ll never know.

So, I booked a table and

New Ross 2012

in retrospective…….what was I thinking ?!?!  Seeing this photo today makes me laugh….but it was the kick I needed to get started and you learn something new every time !

I started to do more wood working and next year also made a lot of reusable wreath decoration, candle holders,  signs and more….and…..experience taught me… need a display that pops out and draws people in (and……gives you a lot more place to show case your items……

Mahone Bay 2013
Mahone Bay 2013

And then….well in 2014 I did two crafts fairs….here in Lunenburg

Lunenburg '14

Lunenburg Stand von hinten
Never forget… can always use the backside for show casing too !!!

NStand LunenburgStand von vorn Lunenburg '14Lunenburg 3

and for New Ross I had prepared so many wreaths that I had to storage them in the garage


and here are a couple of my favorite ones…….as said the main pieces are all just wired to the wreath so you can take them off and reuse them !

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And having so many things……..for New Ross I needed two tables

Stand New Ross 3stand-new-ross-5.jpgStand New Ross '14Stand New Ross 2Stand New Ross 4Stand New Ross 2

Well in 2015 we were in Sweden and in 2016 we had just arrived back so I didn’t have time or a place where I could have produced anything……….but 2017 I’m going to be back at New Ross…….while building I don’t have to much time and right now I just have a little corner in the camper where I try to do some things………..but I have so many ideas and will add self made candles and soaps to the selection………

and wood.…..

I already stacked a huge pile with some special features that “speak” to me…….. just writing about it really gets me into the mood again and as soon as I have some new things… can see them here !

If you have any ideas or inspirations….I’d love to hear about them!

Just send me a note or a link !

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