Rustic Furniture

Stump seat

I admit……the above seat is very rustic and not exactly easy to take with you when you move………..but that’s how you can use a tree stump too 😉

We had a couple of trees we had to take down and Frank got into the groove so now we have tree stump seats all over the place


But of course that’s not the type of thing we actually refer to as “rustic furniture”…’s more the following…

Here’s a seat made out of a tree stump too……the upright version


And here with a laying stump………just a thing of preference 😉


Then of course there are the log benches… only two samples. If you’d like to know how they’re made…. please go to log bench making


We also do “conventional”… you can see with this hexagonal pick nick table

Selbstgebauter PicknicktischIMG_9024

And last but not least the log bed.….at that time made of “leftovers” from building our tiny cabin


These are only some of the things we make from logs and wood ………and there’s definitely more to come 🙂

We’d love to hear from you about any things you have built !

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