Candle making



There are only few people who don’t enjoy a burning candle with it’s warm glow and the smell of certain scents that tend to just get us into another mood !


Teelichthalter aus Ahornwurzel

After seeing all these wonderful candles people make and thinking how they might be the perfect addition to the wooden candle holders I make I started getting myself into candle making last year in Sweden.




I’m definitely not a pro and still learning but it’s really fun and in case you’d like to try yourself there are different versions you can start’n try without spending a lot of money on molds ……

you can i. e. take lemons, oranges, grapefruit, milk cartons, tin cans or old glasses

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especially the hollowed fruits don’t only look nice……..they smell awesome ….. but I admit the shelf life isn’t too long 😉

And you can give the fruits a really nice tweak by pinching some cloves into the skin or whatever you want !

Then you have the plastic molds (which I’m still looking for in the oversea containers that are still in the shed 😉 ) but these are the kind of candle styles you can get with those


or my new favorite as they’re really nice and three dimensional …..the silicone molds (also great for making soap !) and of course the plastic bee hive mold 🙂


At the moment I just use beeswax…… I don’t add any color or fragrance …… but as soon as I’ll use the other waxes………you’ll see some of that too.

But I really love the smell of that bees wax….and the results aren’t too bad either I think..

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Already found a lot of new ideas…..if you’d like to share some of yours…..I’d love to hear from you

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