Log bench making


Here’s a little insight of the first two benches Frank built in 2012.

It all started off with a neighbor who wanted to get rid of an old crooked tree and before he’d turn it into firewood Frank grabbed the opportunity to get a couple of nice pieces for this experience.

It all starts with a crooked tree and taking it down

crooked tree


Then you look for a couple of nice crooked pieces


And after the “fun” of dragging them home somehow…..you start to peel them…..as you can see in 2012 we still had to do that with an ax as we didn’t have a draw knife not even speaking of a “Log Wizard” ….but if the bark’s fresh it’s actually not a problem


Then you level them as good as possible and hope for a calm hand when you try to cut strait through the log……which even with a chainsaw does take a couple of minutes especially if the tree is still full of moisture and really dense


And then you separate them and hope everything’s nice’n strait and then can even cut out the curve a bit more to have a nicely shaped seat


Then you do a lot of sanding, scribe a couple of stumps too and then you’ll have a really nice bench


And if you prefer…..at a back rest ……..makes it even more nice’n comfy 😉


Well all those benches were sold with our last house but we’re already collecting new pieces and as soon as the house is halfway done…….we’ll look and see what we can make of these 🙂


Almost perfect 😉

Any ideas or suggestions on this……….we’d love to hear from you !!

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