Mar.19,2017 Working on logs/english version

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version

Nature’s way of recycling

Yesterday on my way to our building site I saw this little guy and watching him was full of mixed feelings if this was funny or a really sad side of civilization ……

but right beside this dumpster is a spot on LeHave River close to Bridgewater where I unfortunately didn’t capture the sound of the roaring thunder of the river but some photos of the swelling river and the diminishing signs of winter.

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Ain’t mother nature beautiful !!!

As we have received a couple of questions what this mysterious chainsaw debarker is ,that is our lifesaver right now peeling the frozen logs… three short videos that show you how  the amazing LOG WIZARD works:

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You finish one quarter of the log and then turn it with a pee wee……sometimes it’s just the good old tools you need to get the leverage effect you want 😉

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Yep…..with that awesome tool you can get a log of almost any size moving!

So, you do that 4 times and debark every quarter then with the LOG WIZARD……..looks easy ….. and definitely is compared to having to debark them with a drawknife ……. but still takes about 2-3 hours per log to get them roughly debarked.

And holding the chainsaw up all the time does give Frank a really good shoulder workout every day 😉

As the LOG WIZARD is kind of a rough tool that works with planer blades the wood surface is very rough afterwords and we still do some work with the drawknife to soften some spots and all the branch knots have to be cut down and worked around with the standard chainsaw anyhow.

When we start to set the logs each log will be sanded down (will take approx. 6 hours each) so that we have a nice smooth surface and all the knots and groves of each log will really stand out then.

So, the pile of debarked logs is growing and depending the weather…..they’re calling for another system moving in during the next couple of days…..we still hope to be done peeling by the end of the month….but we’ll see what mother nature’s up to first 😉

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And….. we did have some questions about the root……well………it’s unloaded and I just need some time to get a vibe on what will happen to it…..but that’ll come 🙂

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Oh……….and of course sometimes you just have to take your time to have some fun 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Mar.19,2017 Working on logs/english version

  1. Julie March 19, 2017 / 8:36 am

    Can’t wait to visit your site….you two never cease to amaze….such an inspiration !

    Liked by 1 person

    • restless-roots March 19, 2017 / 2:32 pm

      Hi Julie, thanks so much ……….hope we can keep up with the expectation 🙂


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